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Wind turbines

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Everyone is familiar with the concept of wind propelling some turning blades, and producing electricity. They range from the very familiar wind-farm size turbines, down to small turbines commonly encountered on private sea-going vessels.

So they must do at least *something*, right?

Well technically yes, but in practice, the economics and practicalities are generally stacked against using them for anything but 'specialised' requirements in only certain locations.

So, they are nowhere near as cost effective as just adding more solar panels.

Daylight to produce usable electricity is available *every* day of the year - but usable (ie gustless) wind has nowhere near the availability for almost all sites!

A simple test: If you can easily fly a kite without it dropping for all the days of the year that you
want to get power from the wind, then maybe you are on to something...

  • Some technical reasons:The power of wind is in proportion to the cube of the wind-speed - for horizontal turbines, this means you must sustain a single-direction air-stream of over 18kmh to produce usable power - below that the power drops to somewhere around 5% of their rated maximum output
  • Even at 18kmh, power is running less than 50% of the maximum rated output

The economic argument holds most sway: Whilst the price of crystalline PV has dropped to a fraction of what it once was, wind turbine prices have increased over that time!

You do not install small wind for economic reasons.

Please contact us for further discussion and pricing if you have a situation that only a wind-turbine can address. We do have experience installing them.

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