This summarises the main types of solar power systems.

Grid-connect only - provides electricity to your appliances, and exports the excess. No power in a power-cut. See 'Grid-connect', under the Systems tab, on the menu bar above.

Stand-Alone Power - Generates electricity to power your house without any connection to the electricity grid. Your house can use no more electricity than what the sun can provide each day, without the batteries running flat. See 'Stand Alone', under the Systems tab, on the menu bar above.

Grid-battery systems - Generates solar electricity to power your house appliances, charges a battery bank, exports excess to the grid in the street. Some power may be exported from the batteries in the evening, depending on economics. In case of a power-cut, the system 'switches' to supply the house directly, until such time as the batteries run flat, before they can be recharged by the solar, or unless the power returns.

Grid-battery systems, by necessity, are the most complex of the types.

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