Solar Power in Kensington 5068

kensington hotel 3573 1Kensington is a suburb in Adelaide and unlike much of the rest of the city, Kensington's streets are laid out diagonally in order to follow Second Creek. Although there lots of trees in Kensington, the large houses are ideal for solar. In Kensington and surrounding areas, solar can be a worthwhile investment if it is planned carefully, so talk to us for long-term solar with reliable installation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have been installing solar since 2000 for metro SA including Burnside and surrounds. Some of the other areas around Kensington that share the same post code are Heathpool, Kensington Gardens, Kensington Park, Leabrook, Marratville, St Morris and Trinity Gardens

We install and service both domestic and commercial customers, for solar and battery requirements. Depending on your requirements, our battery systems can help reduce your actual max demand (reduces your demand portion of your bill), reduce excess exports by load-shifting (reduces your power charges on your bill), and can also help protect against black-outs (although this would be very rare in your area)

EcoSouth has been dealing with battery systems since the year 2000 (This is not new to us!) for our remote area stand alone customers and our customer who wanted batteries with their grid connect system.