Solar Power in Woodcroft 5162

Talk to us for long-term solar with reliable installation. We have been installing solar since 2000 for metro SA including Woodcroft. Although your suburb has a lot of trees, solar is still worthwhile; however we recommend a careful inspection to plan minimising shading of your solar panels site. Call us on 8371 5655 as we are happy to talk to you about any customised installation requirements for solar you may have.

Woodcroft is administered by the City of Onkaparinga, and we usually find there is no issue for installing grid-connect solar on your house or shed. If tilt-frames or any structure is required for your solar modules, then a building development application is most likely required. We are happy to assist you in this process. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Grid-connect solar will provide you with good savings on your electricity bill! - try our free online calculator - here!

Our present understanding is that power-cuts are not common in Woodcroft, however they can happen! If you have a situation where black-outs are not acceptable, then we can supply an install a range of solar and solar-compatible battery backup systems. We have specialised in solar-battery systems since the year 2000 - more details -here.

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