EcoSouth Service Bench for Solar Systems

At EcoSouth Solar we provide a range of services beyond just that of a Supplier/Solar Installer.

We have a combined 30 years experience in the solar, UPS, electrical generation and battery electrical fields; and are highly competent at good diagnosis of your problem prior to having to send a technician to site. This ensures we have the right tools and equipment for your job, and may save you unnecessary callouts.

We can handle almost any warranty claim, no matter who installed the equipment. Please provide proof of purchase and we can advise a recommended course of action. Remember that some brands, unfortunately, no longer have warranty support in Australia, due to the manufacturer either closing, or deserting Australia as a market.

We can repair and upgrade your solar installation where necessary to bring it up to present electrical standards. We also provide inspections to advise if you believe your equipment has been installed incorrectly, in a sub-standard manner, or if it is under-performing.

We can quote you for any of the above services to suit you

Please contact us on 83715655 or email