Interactive Domestic Solar Sizing Tool

Try our interactive tool to select a solar system and check your pay-back times.

This interactive tool allows you to design a solar system and find out how much power can be generated from the sun.

This tool:

  • Uses South Australian irradiance and temperature data.
  • Uses 5% loss due to dirt and cable loses as defined by CEC 
  • Is based on the current AGL - Electricity Standing offer Domestic Light/Power 110

Many factors have not been included in this simple tool such as:

  • localised shading
  • Solar arrays on different pitches and directions
  • many other inverters and panels we offer
  • any electricity supply and switchboard issues

Please give us a call and we can size a system with your unique characteristics to maximise your return on investment.


  • Click on the value you want to change
  • A pull-down menu-button now appears to the right
  • Select value from the pull-down menu
  • For 'Electricity Bill' and 'Self-usage' enter values directly (ie no menu for these)
  • Finally, click 'Calculate Production' to generate results
  • Note that redisplaying the graph and results may take some moments - please be patient!

Our calculator provides an approximate guide. The calculations are only intended to give you a general overview. Ecosouth, its agents, officers and employees make no representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the calculator and its applicability and suitability to your particular circumstances.