Please consider three things: What do you want your solar power system to do? How much roof space do you have? What is your budget for solar? Please contact our office and one of our staff will be happy to advise you.
Yes - electricity retailers (eg AGL, Origin) currently must give you 5.3 cents per kWh. This is less than you would be charged for power you buy from your retailer, we can help design a system that is sized appropriately for your power use. We also have available battery solutions that can store your excess solar power during the day for use later at night.
We supply LG panels which are manufactured by LG in South Korea. Some companies are leading people to believe their products are manufactured in Germany by using their flag colours on their marketing materials, or stating their product is designed in Germany. We prefer to judge a product on its merits (performance, reliability, warranty support) rather than its country of origin, and to us when a manufacturer misleads on the origin of their product it means that they don't feel their product can hold its own against it competitors.

If you want solar panels that are actually made in Germany, we have and continue to supply and install these (We know only one brand that is consistently of German origin). Any other brand claiming to be 'German' is most likely manufactured elsewhere.
A system size should cover, in order:
1. Average annual power you use during daylight hours, including weekend use
2. Average winter-6-months power you use during daylight hours (when solar output is around less than half of what it is in summer)
3. Some additional Watts of solar to cover air-conditioner use on hot summer weekends
Any further Watts of panels after the above will at least receive the 6.7c for power exported
There is a popular range of German inverters, with a good track record, but we think the cost unreasonably high. We pride ourself on the rigorous process we use to select our inverters, including things like: internal construction, track record, representation in Australia, warranty procedures, past expertise of the manufacturer, etc. We do not choose lightly, and aim to have no warranty issues if possible! Thus we deliver you market-best performance/reliability, but economically.
Sales people often talk this up to create a point of differentiation. There is no known scientific or technical paper to support why one would be 'better'! Poly and Mono panels are basically the same in terms of efficiency and service life etc, for the same 'size' panel. A 250W Poly and a 250W Mono would have identical annual output, all things being equal.
These two types are manufactured side-by-side as one process complements the other in terms of materials usage efficiency.
EcoSouth supplies a written warranty for your system, in addition to manufacturer warranties.
We pride ourselves on our proactive initiative with suppliers to obtain your warranty service. We survey future warranty performance before we decide to take up with a supplier or manufacturer.
We also manage warranty work for those who are not our customers. Crucial points of warranties are in the details, and we are happy to discuss these with you.

Call us on 83715655 to discuss your needs, and to arrange a no-obligation free quote