Sharp JM-1600E Over Voltage Setting

This article shows how to change the Sharp JM-1600E inverter AC voltage settings. This will allow the inverter to continue working for longer as network voltages rise. Once the inverter senses AC voltage above its upper AC voltage setting it will shutdown and wait for voltage to drop below this limit before turning back on to generate power again.  


Warning - removing the cover will expose terminals with dangerous voltages. Only suitably experienced/qualified people should undertake this procedure.



All Sharp JM-1600E inverters require the Over Voltage Setting to be changed from 255V to 260V to stop reduce the

chance of inverter stopping generation due to high grid voltage.

Press ‘ENT’ for 5 seconds

Press ‘SEL’ 3 times until display shows ‘PS’

Press ‘ENT’ display should show 1.255

Press ‘ENT’ display should show 1.255

Press ‘SEL’ display should show 1.260

Press ‘ENT’ to accept 260V setting

Press ‘SEL’ until display shows ‘PS’

Press ‘SEK until display shows ‘OFF’ 


Press ‘ENT’ for 5 seconds


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excerpt from installation manual

Checking and Changing Parameter of Operating Condition


If need to adjust the parameter (voltage / frequency protection level, disconnecting /

reconnecting time setting, product ID) of solar power conditioner to meet the local application,

follow below procedures to check and change parameters of solar power conditioner.

1. Turn on the PV string.

2. Take off the cover of wiring box

3. Press “ENT” button for 5 second to display “OFF”.

4. Parameter number and its value will be displayed in the display panel by press “SEL” and

“ENT” button.

5. After finishing confirmation of parameter value and setting, press “ENT” button. Display

shows “OFF“.

6. Setting parameter flow chart attaches below.

7. Attach the cover of wiring box and position of “SEL” and “ENT”.

Wiring box cover

SEL button ENT button






Setting parameter flow chart



List of Parameters for Operating Condition


Function explanation:

1. Utility over voltage (Vac): Setting utility over voltage trigger value.

2. Utility under voltage (Vac): Setting utility under voltage trigger value.

3. Voltage abnormal trip time (sec): Setting trip time when over and under voltage

protection is triggered.

4. Utility over frequency (Hz): Setting utility over frequency trigger value.

5. Utility under frequency (Hz): Setting utility under frequency trigger value.

6. Freq. abnormal trip time (sec): Setting trip time when over and under frequency

protection is triggered.

7. Recover timer: Setting solar power conditioner recovery time when error occurrence.

8. RJ-45 ID: Setting RJ-45 ID number.

9. Operation frequency: Setting utility frequency.


Table2. Setting value and parameter (The shadow value is default setting.)