About Us

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We've been around a while
EcoSouth is a family owned business that has been quoting and installing solar power systems across metropolitan Adelaide, the Hills and beyond since the year 2000, making us one of Adelaide's longest-serving solar retailers. We pride ourselves on our experience and our business-model that has allowed us to avoid many pitfalls, including the 'sudden disappearance syndrome' that affects many 'sales at all costs' solar retailers.

We play it safe
We carefully choose the brands of products we represent, with a view to reliability and economy, to give the best trouble-free product lifetime. Also, we make sure we have the best Australian Warranty backing to match our own EcoSouth Warranty Statement, to give you peace of mind.
We pride ourselves on our personalised and customised advice, our education-based sales approach, and professional installation work performed by our 'in-house' team of installers. EcoSouth also offers life-time support-advice for our customers.

We specialise:
Generally, we do little advertising, as much of our business comes from word-of-mouth, and referrals.
These are our areas of specialisation:

Grid Connect Solar Systems - generates power on your roof, reducing or eliminating your power bills.
Grid Connect with solar-battery - provides power in case of black outs, and/or store solar power for use after sunset
Off-grid Power Systems  - provides power independently of the electricity grid (also known as Stand-Alone Power Systems or SAPS)
Commercial Power Systems - larger systems to cater for the power and back-up requirements of business

Please call EcoSouth solar today for free no-obligation information on the most suitable solar power system for your needs.

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